Faria Barreto Bismarck


***axis of evil***

Der Typ war ne Rakete! Hat U 20 WM 1987 & 1989 gerockt!


Wen ich den vergleichen müsste....so ein Typ wie Bebeto im Körper eines Adriano! War ne Granate! Schade....

das spcukt google aus...

Nome: Bismarck Barreto Faria
Nascimento: 11/9/1969, São Gonçalo-RJ
Período: 1988 a 1993
Posição: Meio-campo ou atacante


The English squad was winning the game in the final dispute of the TDK Cup (in China), but our team would not give in. We managed to obtain a draw after much sacrifice and from then on the public present at the stadium was breathless. The game improved tremendously. In the last minutes of the game I got the ball right close to the goal area. I passed through two defenders, I dribbled the third and when the goalie came out against me I shot the ball as hard as I could. It was a narrow breach in the goalie's defense but that goal gave Brazil the victory.

The public was roaring after that. Everybody was celebrating our victory. Still we had to "manage" the victory because the game wasn't over just yet. But the English squad struck back with an incredible strength and came right out against us in a desperate pursuit of a new draw. It was a matter of life or death kind of situation. Then I saw their left striker coming right out against us with the ball and I knew I had to go against him. I just couldn't let him pass that ball to his fellows at any cost. So I rushed right at him and he pulled back to the inside of his defense and I lost my equilibrium. I fell flat on the ground with all my weight over my leg. I hear a crack that sounded like a bamboo cane breaking off. I had just fractured my leg and had also torn the ligaments!

Why me, God? Why even me?!

I didn't want to believe that it had happened to me. But I also asked my self this question: "God, why did something like this happen to me? You know I am your servant!"

Back at the hotel I couldn't even celebrate the victory and the world title. There was not much they could do so my leg was immobilized in a lousy manner until I returned to Brazil for proper treatment.

The pain was so excruciating that I couldn't even sleep. If I moved just a little bit the pain was almost unbearable. The next flight to Brazil would take yet two days. Time never went so slow as on those two days.

Difficult Moments

After six days that looked like a marathon race, we finally arrived in Rio. I went straight to surgery. Thank God the physicians lifted my spirits with the possibility of playing soccer again, but they told me that it was going to be a difficult process. I spent the next nine months of recovery doing a lot of physiotherapy. During all that time I had the support and encouragement of my family, my friends and the brothers from church.

I also had more time to think about the things of God and I was able to come closer to Him. I knew that all of that experience had a purpose in God's sight. I prayed more, I studied the Bible, and I thought more about life and the things that are really important in life. Through it all I felt the presence of Jesus who didn't leave for a single moment.

I learned that life only had meaning when you are tuned to God and you enjoy fellowship with Him. In the beginning of that ordeal I couldn't understand what was happening but through that struggle I was able to learn that Jesus' love and care for His beloved ones is not something that is written on a piece of paper only. It is for real!

I returned to playing soccer and I received many trophies and awards. The world community has recognized my talent and I have collected lots of trophies in all teams I have played for.

But the most important victory has been the eternal life I have received through what Jesus Christ did on the cross of Calvary. On the cross He gave me forgiveness and made me clean before God.

I consider God's forgiveness for my failures in life to be the most important title and the most beautiful trophy I could ever get. It is rewarding to play in Jesus' Team now, a team that never loses. Besides there is a place for you in this Team also!

If you want to know where Bismarck got so much strength from to travel around the world with a broken leg and even spend six months in the "repair shop" to become one of the best players in the world, read Romans 8.31-29.

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